Venera Gubaidullovna Takaeva

Was born in the city of Ufa.
Her teachers were R. O. Ishbulatov and N. K. Solomin.
Creativity of Venera Takaeva — the known master of a watercolour and painting, always associates with spring, feminity and beauty.

Even the name of the artist reminds of bewitching beauty …

Favourite genres of the artist is a still-life and a portrait. Naturally, first of all it is a female portrait. The contemporaries are the object of artists steadfast studying and admiration, and they are glorified by artist.

Among her models are the students, the refined intellectuals, shining actress, and the business lady.

As a rule, all of them are outstanding personalities, their portraits deeply psychologal and sincerity.

To most picturesque pictures of the Venera Takaeva implemented in the oil technics shining and major tint appropriated.

Its manner differs relaxedness and confident powerful force «the Portrait honoured actress N.Leleko», 2004г., «a portrait of the grand daughter with a doll» 1994y, «The portrait of Julia» 1994y.

Absolutely other portrait «Tatyana»: it distinguishes the unusually precisely founded statement of a figure and scale of «aristocratical» gently — grey tones unusual to the artist.

The still-lifes of the artist written in oil, unite harmony of a complete composition and surprising riches of refined tone transitions.

This kingdom of smelling sweet colours, ripe fruits, bright sunlight. Wonderful roses in transparent crystal vases, juicy fruit on a white dish, create sensation of a youth, love and happiness …

Very many portraits and still-lifes of Venera Takaeva are executed in the technic of a watercolour which she absolutely master of.

Watercolours of the artist — first of all inspired poetry of colour and light: «Marina Bondar» and «Tatyana Koridanovoj’s» portraits are full of a colourful expression.

The master artist often applies a working method «on — wet», connecting gentle transparent stains with sated deep «blows». («The Still-life with a white flower» 1988 year, «Grapes» 1998г, «the Still-life with a persimmon. East» 1989)

Works of the artist were exhibited at Russia, Poland, Canada, Hungary, the USA, Italy, Belgium, Holland, France. In a collection of the Kherson art museum of O.O.Shovkunenko are twenty works of Takaeva, the most part of her works remains in private collections.

From 1976 — a member of the Union of artists of the USSR

In 1997г to Venera Takaeva the rank the Deserved artist of Ukraine is appropriated.

The critic V. Dyachenko, museum of A. Shovkunenko